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If you’ve ever walked down Church St., it’s hard to miss the historic red sign that’s hung above Williams Pawnbrokers. Even though it is starting to show signs of wear, this iconic sign is rich in history and has been with us since we first opened our doors in 1950 just after the war. 

Our shop has been in the Williams name for nearly 67 years – currently owned by Howard since 1982. Howard first got into the business as a way to stay out of trouble; but being a pawnbroker has since turned into his passion – leading him to run one of the longest operating and most successful pawn shops in Canada.

Licensed to Pawn

Just like how not all pawn shops are the same, not all pawn shops are licensed. As a licensed pawnbroker, we take what we do very seriously. We closely follow Ontario’s pawning rules and regulations so you can feel confident knowing that any valuables you give us will be safely stored and waiting for you in the condition you brought them in.

Licensed Pawn

All of our estimates are done in person. Bring your valuables down to our shop on Church St. for a quick, confidential appraisal.

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